SpacePointe is a FINTECH company and we create solutions that enable payment for small businesses.

SpacePointe has various products that work to make running businesses and organizations efficient, seamless
and profitable. Our products EkiKart is integrated with KardStash to help businesses maximize sales and profit.

Spacepointe is a global company and we are currently processing across 7 global markets.

SpacePointe has been in the Technology and Payment solutions business since 2014 and we have received many
Awards and recognition for innovating around small businesses.

Thousands of small businesses rely on and trust SpacePointe. We use innovation and technology to create solutions for small businesses. Our solutions bring to the small business owners what they typically would not have access to at a price they can afford

SpacePointe has various products, please browse our product websites for more information.

All our systems and products are intuitive, user friendly and can be integrated with your existing software. This helps to cut down on time and money spent to train your staff and employees.