2000+ retailers are currently on-boarded and running their business on the PointePay platform!

PointePay is packed with powerful features that help you grow revenue, save time and reduce costs.


    Our beautifully designed Mobile POS application makes it easy to sell to your customers, no matter where you are.


    PointePay works with leading payment providers to provide you with multiple options of receiving payments from your customers.


    PointePay allows you to manage your inventory across multiple stores. You can sell online and in store without having to maintain multiple inventory lists. Plus, you can easily add & edit products, simplify purchases, and update your stock.


  • PointePay is more than a cash register or a payment terminal!

    It offers you the ability to do more than simply collect payments. You are able to manage your inventory, manage your customers, report data, and provide loyalty opportunities.

  • Voice Navigated Experience

    This interactive experience provides voice navigated capabilities that show you how to use our PointePay application. We make it as easy as possible!

  • Wifi not required

    With PointePay, you don't have to go online for payment processing. All you need is a data plan service on your mobile phone and you are all set for business.

  • Multiple Store Management

    Through our PointePay application, you also have the ability to manage multiple store accounts, terminals, and operations. We are a one stop shop!

  • Maximized Customer Satisfaction

    PointePay enables you to offer a variety of rewards and incentives to your customers to keep them coming back. We also support loyalty programs! Just imagine giving your loyal customers 15% off between Dec 1st and Dec 25th based upon a "Christmas Loyalty Program" that you have setup on PointePay! Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities.

  • Increased Cashless Customer Base

    With PointePay, you are not limited to collecting cash. Rather, you can collect multiple form of payments, including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Gift Cards and other Closed loop cards.

User Types

Those who can use PointePay include:

Ice Cream Shops

2000 +

Stores worldwide love POINTEPAY because...

  • It Is Cloud Based:

    With our cloud based technology, we allow you to access and run multiple store terminals and operations from one device!

  • It Works On Any Device:

    PointePay works on iPad, Mac or PC. All you need is a browser. It may even work with POS hardware you already own.

  • It Works Offline:

    With PointePay, if the internet goes down, you are able to automatically resync your sales as soon as you are back online.

24/7 Customer Support.

We are real people, we love our work, and we care about helping you. PointePay is not your orindary company. Expect extraordinary support around the clock!

Talk to us online or on the phone.

Email support is free with trial & paid subsriptions. We have extensive set-up and training documents and videos online. You can also chat with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and our bustling community forums.


Choose Your Package

PointePay Cash Out

Starting from
417 /Per Month

  • Instant Pay

PointePay Lite

Starting from
2250 /Per Month

  • Manage Sales
  • Instant Pay
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage product
  • Manage category

PointePay Deluxe

Starting from
4500 /Per Month

  • Manage Sales
  • Instant Pay
  • Manage employee
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage customer
  • Manage product
  • Manage category
  • Manage discounts