Doing Business in Other Languages:

Thanks to the retail representatives who assist countless SME's in getting their products online, SpacePointe has focused on innovating around the needs of SME's in such a way that "Speaking English" is no longer a barrier to entering the online space. This is a game changer!

Merchandising at its Finest:

Experts believe that product visibility and placement to consumers can make or break a business. Having a great product is not going to sell itself...especially if the people who want or need it do not know that it exists! SpacePointe's business model is not just about throwing products online. Retailer education about product placement and competitive pricing makes a world of difference to the SMEs bottom line. SpacePointe is all about enabling SME's and allowing their businesses to grow and grow!

Business at the point of sale cannot be ignored:

For the foreseeable future, there will continue to be brick and mortar stores. However, on the rise are non-traditional SME's, geared to do business outside the confines of those brick and mortar establishments. SpacePointe is the right commerce platform that addresses how to enable SME's online and right at the point of sale. Especially noteworthy is the fact that SpacePoinnte has an integrated platform that makes the entire experience seamless!

How To Sell

  • List: List your items or select from our existing catalogue.
    Sell : Increase your sales by reaching out to our large customer base.
    Ship : Enjoy hassle-free shipping with our trusted logistics partner.
    ₦ Earn: Improve your revenues and receive payments quickly.